Diesel Exhaust Fluid

We Now Deliver In Bulk Quantities

We can loan you a bulk tank and all necessary equipment to simplify your DEF deliveries and truck filling needs. All at a more competitive price than totes, drums and cases.

What is DEF and how should I use it?

DEF is a high purity solution of urea in water (32.5%). It is used to chemically reduce Nox emissions from trucks and buses powered by diesel engines. DEF is contained in a separate tank and sprayed into the exhaust gases. Never fill the diesel fuel tank with DEF.

How much DEF will I need?

You will not need to replenish DEF every time you refill with diesel fuel. The DEF consumption will be approximately 3% of your diesel fuel consumption (for every 100 gallons of diesel consumed you would need 3 gallons DEF).

Is DEF harmful?

DEF is not harmful neither for humans nor animals. DEF is not explosive. It is non-toxic. If you get it on your skin or clothes, rinse with plenty of water.

Will DEF burn?

DEF does not burn and will not aid combustion.

What makes JPC DEF so special?

JPC is a premier DEF product, this guarantees that JPC will be protected from impurities and thus will not harm your vehicle’s catalyst. Choosing JPC brings you reliability and reassurance!

Is JPC DEF available?

JPC DEF is currently available in bulk, drums, totes and bottles.